SRH: Stoners Reeking Havoc




OK folks. The cat is out of the bag and we finally answered the question once and for all but here is part of the story behind it. SRH started in 1991. We were just a bunch of punk rock surf/skate kids from Mission Beach. We were a crew of guys that had a common bond and a love of music and going big!! Sitting around one night, I said “we are the Stoners Reeking Havoc.” Everyone in the crew was pumped we finally had a name and out came a knife that we heated up and carved “SRH” into our arms. From there on out we tagged and wrote SRH on everything. From our surfboards, skateboards to our bongs, we hit up SRH on our stuff and all around our neighborhood (Sorry city of San Diego). We weren’t a gang!! We were just a crew of guys who loved living life on the edge and didn’t relate to mainstream bullshit. Around the same time we started putting on punk rock shows with bands like Pennywise and premiering surf and skate movies. It was a special time and at some point we decided to make some shirts and hats for our crew. SRH was born and we stay committed to building a lifestyle that we related too. We had no idea at the time that it would relate to so many people. We just wanted to have fun, throw concerts, and help underground musicians and athletes who happened to be some of our best friends. As things grew and more people joined the lifestyle, the Surfers would call themselves Surfers Reeking Havoc and the skaters would call themselves Skaters Reeking Havoc. We came up with all sorts of sayings for SRH from So Cals Ruthless Hardcore to Supporting Radical Habits. We were all united by the letters and the spade. We never really cared what people called it, we just were happy to find so many people that related to our lifestyle. Eventually, as the clothing line continued to grow, some people at skate shops and surf shops were scared of the name Stoners Reeking Havoc. This was the early 90’s and people and the world had not embraced cannabis or its culture like its embraced today. We were the first company that embraced cannabis culture and were proud to say we were pro legalization. Now days of course, in todays world cannabis culture is used as a marketing tool for brands but this was the 90’s and we were the only company around that stood for it and embraced it. This was a very bold stance to take for a company but we “are what we are” and we wore it proudly. Ryan, my partner came up with the name Supporting Radical Habits one day and we all thought that was a sick version and really represented our whole lifestyle. Over a course of time, as SRH grew, we used many different versions of the letters “SRH” as it means different things to different people but we are all one big family united by three letters and the spade logo. We are all SRH, we are all people who live outside the mainstream, we are all people with a common bond with this lifestyle we all share. We are all the Stoners Reeking Havoc who Support Radical Habits. And we are proud that so many people across the globe have become part of our family and movement. Its been 25 years people and the fun just started.